Operating Projects

Demonstrated Results:

IMG’s first plant, Roundtop Energy, was able to qualify for both PJM regulation programs, Reg A & D. This qualification shows IMG’s assets can be competitive in the fast response power market, which places value on responding to minute-to-minute changes in load and requires a <5-minute response time. Roundtop was dispatched for 1,343 hours of regulation in 2016.

In addition, Roundtop Energy’s plant maintained a 68% capacity factor (3,964 run hours ) in 2016. Roundtop Energy’s plant utilization, as evidenced by its dispatch hours and regulation hours, illustrates the need for distributed fast response generation.

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Roundtop Energy
Located in Auburn Township in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, Roundtop was IMG’s first project to begin operations in October of 2015.  Electricity is delivered into the Penelec First Energy – North Meshoppen electric substation.

Beaver Dam
Beaver Dam is located in Canton Township in Bradford County, Pennsylvania and began operations in May of 2016.  Electricity is delivered into the Grover electric substation.

Milan Energy
Located in Smithfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Milan began operations in April 2017.  Electricity is delivered to the Milan substation.

Alpaca Energy
Alpaca is located in Canton Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and began operations in April 2017.  Electricity is delivered to the Canton substation.

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Northeast Projects
Southwest Projects

Beaver Dam Distributed Generation Plant

Benefits of IMG Projects

With the ability to provide 20 MW’s of capacity and flexible energy to the local markets, IMG facilities are helping secure and stabilize local sub transmission and distribution grids. IMG facilities have the ability to respond quickly to dispatch that helps significantly during Peak Load or if the grid has an unexpected need for power on short notice.