Wexford, PA – August 5, 2015 – IMG Midstream today announced that it has started construction at Beaver Dam energy generating facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Beaver Dam is located on a three acre site located near the intersection of Grover and Brague Road in Grover, Canton Township, Bradford County and is IMG’s second site under construction.  IMG’s first project, Roundtop Energy, located in Susquehanna County, is expected to be online by the end of the year.

Using locally produced natural gas, that might otherwise be transported out of the region, IMG Midstream plant sites produce electricity for local distribution and consumption in the PJM interconnection, improving the reliability of electric supply locally.  At full capacity, the Beaver Dam site will provide 20 MW of electricity, enough to provide power to more than 13,000 homes.  The electricity produced will be delivered to First Energy’s Grover Substation.  Construction of IMG’s energy generating facilities will support economic development in the community by creating additional jobs at each facility.

“We have multiple projects planned for the northeastern region of Pennsylvania,” says Ron Kiecana.  “We are pleased to be on schedule with another site underway.  Distributed power generation projects can be an important part of the electric generation supply mix. With IMG’s business model of locating sites in close proximity to existing infrastructure along with the abundant availability of natural gas, electricity from our facilities will help to improve grid reliability and security.”