IMG Midstream Newsletter February 12, 2016

IMG Midstream Distributed Generation Plant – Roundtop Energy – Already Helping to Provide Greater Grid Reliability

Roundtop Energy, IMG’s first completed distributed generation plant located on State Route 267 two miles north of Meshoppen, Pennsylvania, began operations in late October 2015.

With the ability to provide 20 MWs of capacity and energy (enough to power 15,000 homes) to the local PJM Market, Roundtop has passed Regulation Test Requirements for both RegA and RegD PJM Ancillary Services Markets and is currently providing Regulation to the PJM Grid.

Regulation is a service that corrects for short-term changes in electricity use that might affect the stability of the power system. It helps match generation and demand and adjusts generation output to maintain the desired electrical frequency for the grid to function normally.

Roundtop is economically beneficial to the grid. PJM uses the Day-Ahead Market to reserve the right to dispatch generators that are economical for the grid. In January, Roundtop was beneficial to the grid more than 90% of the time.

As a quick start resource, Roundtop has the ability to quickly respond to PJM dispatch which helps tremendously during Peak Load and Synchronizing Reserve Events. Synchronized Reserve supplies electricity if the grid has an unexpected need for more power on short notice, like a unplanned generator outage or unexpected spike in energy demand. Peak Load events normally occur in the winter or summer months during extreme temperature conditions like we recently had in the northeast.

“Our Roundtop plant was strategically located to make use of existing electric and natural gas infrastructure and to minimize our environmental footprint. Plant construction was less than 9 months, as scheduled. Roundtop has also fulfilled all local, state and federal permitting requirements and passed all environmental tests for emissions and sound, said Ron Kiecana, IMG’s Senior Managing Director. “We are pleased to be using locally produced natural gas and delivering electricity to help improve local grid reliability and security.”