Both Plants Providing Electricity to Local Grids

Wexford, PA – April 25, 2017 – IMG Midstream today announced that it has completed construction at its 3rd and 4th projects.  The Alpaca plant, located in Canton Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, is providing electricity to the local Canton substation.  Milan is located in Smithfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and is providing electricity to the local Milan substation.

Using locally produced natural gas, that might otherwise be transported out of the region, IMG Midstream plant sites produce electricity for local distribution and consumption in the PJM interconnection, improving the reliability of electric supply locally. “By locating our projects close to gas production wells and pipelines, IMG purchases gas further up the supply chain, leading to higher life cycle efficiencies. The smaller output and footprint of the plants allows us to be located on sub transmission and distribution electric lines, closer to end users, leading to lower transmission losses and improved grid stability,” says Mike Brady, IMG Midstream CEO.  At full capacity, the Alpaca and Milan facilities will provide 20 MW of electricity from each site, enough to provide power to more than 13,000 homes.

About IMG Midstream
IMG Midstream develops, owns and operates small-scale natural gas generation projects in the northeastern U.S.  Founded in 2011 and backed by Bregal Energy, IMG has developed a model for distributed power generation projects that will use natural gas produced in the region to generate electricity for local homes and businesses. The company was formed on the basis that market creation is a critical part of the energy revolution underway in North America.