IMG is committed to safeguarding the environment and sets a consistent culture of environmental stewardship among our employees and contractors.

The IMG business model is designed to minimize our impact by locating our facilities in close proximity to natural gas production as well local electric substations thereby reducing the need for added infrastructure. By locating near gas production, IMG facilities help reduce fugitive methane emissions associated with the gathering, compression, and transmission of natural gas.* Locating our sites close to local electric substations avoids a portion of the transmission losses endemic to centralized generation and increases the overall efficiency and reliability of the grid.**

As a good steward of the environment and responsible member of the Marcellus Shale Region, IMG has voluntarily implemented internal design and engineering measures to minimize any potential negative effects, which could occur as a result of the development and operation of our facilities. Specifically, IMG has striven to implement the most advanced emission control technologies, eliminate local water consumption and discharge, and minimize its impact on the local natural and cultural environment. This choice demonstrates IMG’s commitment to sustainability and desire to play an integral role in America’s energy landscape over the next 30 years.


For more information see:

* Clearing the Air: Reducing Upstream Greenhouse Gas Emissions From U.S. Natural Gas Systems  (pdf)

** The potential benefits of distributed generation and rate-related issues that may impede their expansion (pdf)