Development Planning

Design features

Plant Efficiency: IMG strives to engineer and continually update its modular plants in order to be highly efficient through the use of state of the art RICE engines and thermally efficient, coupled technologies.

Responsiveness: IMGs plants are designed to provide grid stability and reliability. The plants’ combination of reactive and base load generation capability fills the void between low capacity batteries, intermittent renewables, and slow start base load generation.

Shortened energy supply chain: IMGs plant’s small-scale plant design and output allow them to strategically shorten two energy supply chains. This alternative deployment design allows for higher energy efficiency and lower life cycle emissions.

Continued Purpose

Through advanced technology and unique deployment IMG’s plants provide both efficient distributed base load and quick response generation, to help enable renewables and maintain a reliable, low carbon intensity, and efficient power grid.

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Operating Projects
Northeast Projects
Southwest Projects

Beaver Dam Distributed Generation Plant

Development Plans for IMG Project Sites Include

  • Each facility is located on approximately 5 acres, using approximately 2 acres for the building and equipment
  • Building size averages less than 8,000 square feet
  • Each site can generate 20 MW of electricity at full capacity, enough to provide power to 13,000 homes
  • Functional life 20+ years
  • Best Available Technology (BAT) to significantly reduce air emissions
  • Advanced noise mitigation technology
  • Low profile design with minimal lighting