Community Relations


We regularly communicate with local communities and media about our operations and seek out opportunities to engage with the public to maintain an open dialogue.


Being a part of the community and a good corporate citizen is who we are. Many of our employees live and work in our project areas and volunteer in the community. It’s important to us that we contribute to the betterment of our communities in a meaningful way while at the same time aligning with our business model.




IMG in the Community:


IMG Delivers Keynote at Commission Meeting
Matt Tripoli Keynote
IMG recently spoke to the business community and local officials at the Northern Tier Regional Planning & Development Commission.


IMG detailed the business model discussing the use of local, low pressure natural gas to create and deliver electricity to local substations with a goal of increasing efficiency and reducing emissions in electricity generation. We also provided an update on IMG’s current operations and then outlined future development plans for northeast Pennsylvania.




IMG Hosts Field Tour for Local Officials


img-field-tourIMG invited local officials to the Roundtop Plant outside of Meshoppen, Pennsylvania to get a first hand look inside the plants operations. Joe Broadwater, IMG’s Director of Operations, discussed the technology of the engines and the daily operations. Flexibility of the engines will allow IMG to provide part load or dispatch only a portion of the engines while ensuring highest efficiency and minimal emissions.


IMG Partners with Pitt Students to Study Distributed Generation


IMG Partners with Pitt StudentsYuwen Yang, John Fitzgerald and Mamoru Iketani, master’s students from Pitt School’s of Mechanical Engineering and Business, presented their project on “A Case Study of Distributed Power Generation from Marcellus Shale” at the Pitt Electrical Power Industry Conference.


They examined the feasibility of distributed power generation fueled by natural gas extracted from deposits in the Marcellus Shale basin. The Master’s students created a supply chain model for distributed power generation which quantified the economic and environmental benefits realized from distributed generation over a centralized power model.




IMG Energy Solutions Worked with UNC Charlotte on Waste Heat Recovery Project


IMG Energy Solutions partnered with students from UNC Charlotte’s engineering school to design a waste heat recovery system for IMG power plants. Working with Mark Schneider from IMG Energy Solutions, five (5) mechanical engineering students started the project in the spring and finished during the fall 2015 semester.


The natural gas supplied to IMG sites is at a low temperature and high pressure. Before the gas goes into the engines, the pressure must be dropped. As the pressure drops, the temperature of the gas drops to the freezing point of the gas and must be heated to avoid problems. The heat generated from this process is dissipated in the radiators and referred to as “waste heat.” For this project, the students designed a way to use this “waste heat” to heat the incoming gas. This will reduce the waste heat, and reduce carbon emissions – providing economic and environmental benefits.


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