About Us

IMG Energy Solutions develops, owns, and operates small-scale natural gas generation projects in the Northeastern U.S. IMG’s business was founded with the idea of satisfying two main needs evolving in the current U.S. energy market:

  • Rapid growth in natural gas production and insufficient pipeline infrastructure has created a need for local gas markets to leverage this constrained resource.
  • Retirement of base load generation, transition to intermittent renewables, increased need for reliable reserves, and a desire for improved energy security is creating a market for distributed, efficient, flexible, quick response generation.

In response to these market drivers, IMG developed a model for distributed power generation plants that leverages natural gas produced in the region to generate electricity for local homes and businesses. IMG facilities are 20MW in size with a plant footprint of just over two acres. These attributes allow IMG’s plants to be strategically sited near load on local distribution and sub transmission lines while limiting the physical and environmental impacts to the immediate community.

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Backed by Bregal Energy, one of the world’s leading private investors in energy and enabling technologies, IMG Energy Solutions is one of the most creative development companies in the energy sector.