IMG Midstream develops, owns and operates distributed power generation plants in the Northeastern U.S. By using locally produced natural gas to generate electricity for the region, IMG is working with local producers to reinvest in the community and provide family-sustaining jobs for the region.

All plant sites are wholly owned subsidiaries of IMG Midstream and are built using similar size, capacity and equipment to allow for economics of scale and operating efficiencies in building and maintenance costs. All IMG sites are located in close proximity to natural gas production as well as local substations to maximize utilization of existing infrastructure and minimize the need for additional infrastructure to be built.

Northeast Projects

Niles Valley
Wolf Run
Roundtop Energy
Oxbow Energy
Florey Knob Energy
Milan Energy
Hop Bottom Energy
Beaver Dam Energy
Alpaca Energy

Southwest Projects

Bayles Energy
Amity Energy

Development Plans for IMG Project Sites Include

  • Each facility is located on approximately 5 acres, using approximately 1 acre for the building and equipment
  • Building size averages less than 8,000 square feet
  • Each site can generate 19.9 MW of electricity at full capacity, enough to provide power to 13,000 homes
  • Functional life 20+ years
  • Best Available Technology (BAT) to significantly reduce air emissions
  • Advanced noise mitigation technology
  • Low profile design with minimal lighting

Using locally produced natural gas, IMG Midstream develops environmentally friendly distributed power generation projects in targeted U.S. markets.